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Tips on How to sell scrap Gold in Hatton Garden

Selling or Buying Gold in London’s Hatton garden can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so here are a few easy tips to get you the best deal.

  • If you are in the Trade of jewellery, then let the shop know by showing a copy of company certificate. A visiting card is not enough.
  • Don’t let someone off the street approach you and suggest a shop. Strict NO! You don’t where the lead you and if someone is standing on street approaching people then obviously they will take a commission out of the transaction.
  • Check prices between (at least) two shops before you decide to sell
  • Check rates of scrap gold before hand by visiting different websites
  • Check prices on the day and make sure you are getting that day’s rate as advertised.
  • Although, the transaction value is high in this trade but margins are very low. Selling price difference between an individual and a trading company is about 5p per gram, so don’t embarrass yourself by asking a few pounds over the rate.
  • If you are selling in Hatton garden to a reputable shop then they would have modern technology to test your gold before buying
  • A reputable shop would not insist on paying you cash, they would happily do same day bank transfers

You could use your old jewellery to buy investment gold. Ask the shop they can sell you Gold Bullion in Bars or Coins.

A reputable shop would have one of these XRF analysers to assay your gold